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Resolving Spiritual Skepticism in Recovery - $20.00 (price includes tax)
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If you are one of the many who are skeptical about the spiritual aspects of recovery, then you are in good company.


For many skeptics, the leap of faith required to fully participate in 12-Step programs simply exceeds their athletic ability, and for many valid reasons. 


In this book, Andrew Pierce, MCAP, unpacks his innovative clinical model - a solution that replaces the judgmentalism inherent to many religions with hard science, fusing quantum field theory with ancient Eastern philosophy. His unique change model converts what was a difficult leap of faith into something more closely resembling a foregone conclusion.

The book contains live links to over 40 supporting multimedia sources, enabling you to gain in-depth understanding of the principles necessary to make radical, fundamental change at a remarkable rate.

This cutting-edge work resolves three of the most common barriers to addiction recovery: spiritual contempt, fear of authenticity, and lack of belief in our ability to change.


Resolving Spiritual Skepticism in Recovery will enhance your recovery by leaps and bounds, and profoundly change your reality.


"I find [the book] to be fantastic in content and scope. It also threads a marvelous sense of humor through some of the most intellectually dense material in all of academia.

The ongoing material and relevance summaries at the end of each chapter are great in moving from subject to subject.

The conclusions and summary arrive at profound insights into recovery, spirituality, and life.

Great work, and just...amazing!"

Michael Potter - MLS, LADC
5.0 out of 5 stars!
Science Meets Spirituality: A Path to Recovery

Wow! For years, I read and searched for books that could reconcile my intellect with spirituality, some came closer than others, but I continued to have doubts and questions, still uneasy with spirituality, unwilling to set aside my intellect and "act as if" I were a spiritual person--asked by many to suspend my questions and "just believe." This book changed all of that! Unlike all the other writers, Mr. Pierce illuminated a way not only to integrate science and spirituality, but also a path to practice and follow. This book changed everything for me.

   Daniel C. Frigo, PhD., LADC

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