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Results - In Their Own Words

After being recommended by a well known doctor in town to visit Andrew for help with my addiction issues, I went into the situation very hesitantly. I was scared, angry, and unhappy. Starting to see Andrew turned out to be the best thing to happen to me in 2019. He taught me so much about substance abuse disorder. He was there for me in every step of my initial recovery. He held me accountable and got to the root of the issues I had been experiencing for years. I would recommend Andrew to anyone who is suffering from addiction related disorders. He truly means so much to me and my journey through recovery. I am forever grateful for his guidance. - LT

I'm sitting at my desk after helping out one of my businesses, reflecting on where I was a couple years ago...taking Percocet like candy, drinking Grey Goose like water and sleeping around. It almost destroyed my family and myself, and left me jobless. I reached out to Andrew not knowing what was going to happen, and now here I am, running a busy business, and having a relationship with my wife and kids that is better than it ever was. Thank you!!!!!!! - WB

I first met Andrew with my partner, who was struggling with alcoholism.    After a few visits together, I realized I needed to see Andrew alone.  With Andrew's help, my partner hasn’t had a drink in 8 months and I have stopped trying to save him.   Andrew helped me to see I had my own addiction.   He gave me the tools to help with my codependency and the addiction to my partner.  


Andrew dedicates his life, not only to helping drug and alcohol addiction, but helping the people who love them.  Andrew has a unique and effective way of listening and assisting a person to get to the real issues that need to be addressed to attain success.  


I can’t thank Andrew enough for all he has done for me and all he continues to do for the disease of addiction and family trauma.  - SL

Greetings Andrew, I just wanted you to know that yesterday I got my FL driver's license back (freedom), and I'm still clean and sober. I appreciate your contribution toward my success - GA

I have known Andrew Pierce for three years as a result of his work with our son.  Andrew was instrumental in  getting our son to a stable state of recovery.  Andrew’s guidance in the process was invaluable in laying out the recovery path that was followed.  During this three year period, Andrew made himself available to assist in every way.  Andrew is dependable, reachable, and very dedicated.


Our family is very thankful and we are enjoying a new healthy relationship. Our son is gainfully employed, in a position of respect. He is happy and proud of his work.  In addition he is developing healthy outside activities.  Through Andrew’s guidance the future looks bright. 

Andrew, thanks for your help in saving our son. - KT

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