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Tales From The Road

So, recently I was returning from an intervention / extraction to retrieve a son for his family who were very concerned for his well-being. The son had relapsed and run off across the country while in a manic episode. I found him and subsequently transported him back from the west coast to the Midwest. But I digress...

As it turned out, my 1st flight had gotten in early so I decided to try getting onto the standby list for an earlier flight to my final destination - a flight that I never would have made had we not experienced a strong tailwind from my initial departure destination. And I was the last standby passenger selected.

A middle-aged lady was boarding behind me for my connecting flight. Her breath smelled like booze, and it was 10a. I didn't pay her any attention, but apparently she saw my book in my hand, and to my surprise, she jokingly tugged on it, presumably wanting to see the full title.

When she saw that it was in fact a recovery-oriented book, she said, "Oh, I'm going to Ft. Lauderdale to treatment right now." I smiled, and told her rather enthusiastically, "I wrote it [this book]. It was just published last June." She said, "No way!" I said, "Yup, I'm an addiction therapist and used to run a treatment program, but now I mostly do aftercare work." She replied somewhat sheepishly, "I'm a federal investigator - and an alcoholic." I said, "Wow, it's great you're going to get some help!" and returned my attention to boarding, not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to the gal.

As we continued slowly filing forward I thought, maybe the book would be meaningful to her, as well as give her something to read during the flight, so I turned around and told her she could have it.

She graciously accepted, and I followed up with, "Good luck! You know, things don't really happen by accident."

She said. "No. They don't."

I never saw her again, but if, for whatever reason she reads the book and it makes a difference in her life, then my client's son's struggle has been a blessing.

That is how adversity works. Nobody could have ever coordinated those synchronicities intentionally.

Just sayin'.

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