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FREE WORKSHOP - October 13th, 2023


“The ONLY thing keeping you the same person you were 5 days, 5 minutes, or even 5 seconds ago, is your MEMORY of who you THINK you're supposed to be. Our unquestioned beliefs about ourselves and about what is possible for us dictate our reality.”

– Andrew G. Pierce, MCAP, LMHC

Unfortunately for many of us, our addictions, family of origin, and environment have dictated these unquestioned beliefs for years – even in recovery. Your patients deserve an opportunity to recover their authentic self, and to live a life more closely resembling that which they would have experienced had addiction and family dysfunction never taken hold.

















The insights gained in this workshop will dramatically compress your patients' time between receiving the experience and realizing its therapeutic benefits. The traction they will gain on their recovery process would be impossible to achieve in a longer-term therapeutic episode, but at a fraction of the cost.





• 10+ hours of clinical education and workshop content

• Clinic Workbook and all necessary materials

• Gourmet Continental Breakfast Buffet and coffee

• Gourmet Plated Lunch

• Coffee and Snack Bar w/Soft Drinks





Over the past 4 years, Andrew has adapted and applied the quantum field-based change model, popularized by Dr. Joe Dispenza, to those recovering from addiction with great effectiveness, having developed and refined it in private practice at Counseling of Southwest Florida and Therapy Treatment Team in Naples, FL, and at Field Therapy in Draper (Salt Lake City), UT.


During this intensive workshop, you will learn how to help patients restore their True Self, replacing their false identity with authentic and accurate unquestioned beliefs about who they are, and about what is possible – including their highest aspirations. They will define their core values, core experiences, and idealized self with such clarity that they will fundamentally change their self-perspective and how they are viewed by others - in a word, their Identity.

Join 15 other Seekers along with therapist, speaker and author of the Amazon best-selling book on quantum field-based recovery, “Resolving Spiritual Skepticism in Recovery” (O’Leary Publishing, 2021) - Andrew G. Pierce, MCAP, LMHC - at Utah’s world-class Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort and Spa, for an intimate life-changing immersive workshop that will enable you to help your patients shed their old shame-based residual self-image that accompanies addiction and recovery, even long after abstinence has been sustained.


The Executive Boardroom at The Cliff Lodge is where this workshop will take place. This state-of-the-art facility will provide an optimal experience in comfort and technology, removing any barriers between you and seminar content.


Those who attend the Quantum Leap Recovery Workshop may choose to stay at Snowbird will be eligible for rates at their flagship Cliff Lodge which will not exceed $350/night, single OR double occupancy – so double the pleasure and bring a friend or significant other to share your room. If they are not registered to attend the workshop, they will still thank you for the opportunity to spend the days enjoying the spectacular attributes and experiences afforded them while you accelerate your recovery process.


It is impossible to overstate the grandeur, quality, and overall world-class nature of The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort. Those who may choose to accompany you, but who would rather relax and recreate will have a myriad of restaurants and exclusive activities at their doorstep. You may elect to arrive a day or two prior to the workshop or extend your stay, for that matter.

Questions?  Please contact Andrew directly at or 310-770-9286

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